Originally posted October 12, 2014

Each of us struggle with choices every day. 

Some are minor: Do I go with the tuna melt or the turkey club? 

Some are major: Should I get married? Should I have children? 

The following Biblical examples are of people who made some wrong choices.  They chose self over God.  Ultimately, in most cases, God was able to turn it around for good.

Esau turned from the righteous path for a bowl of stew.   Genesis 25:27-34  This choice led him to sell his birthright, his future place as spiritual leader, to quench his appetite.  He was so ravenous, he could not wait to prepare his own food.

David turned from the righteous path to quench his desire for Bathsheba.  2 Samuel 11:1-17  This led him to commit adultery with her and arrange for the murder of Uriah, Bathsheba’s husband.  Lust is such a powerful emotion.

Samson turned from the righteousness to a harlot (Delilah) and gave up his legendary strength and position as judge.  Judges 16:4-19  Another example of the power of lust.

Judas Iscariot turned from the righteous path of being one of the chosen twelve, hand-picked by Jesus Himself, because he longed for power and riches that he thought Jesus was going to provide.  Matthew 26:14-16  He betrayed our Lord, and abdicated an eternal place alongside the King of Kings, for 30 pieces of silver, giving in to greed.

Hezekiah showed off all his treasures to the King of Babylon.  2 Kings 20:13-19  Hezekiah’s sin was choosing pride over humility.

Solomon took many wives and concubines.  He also chose to worship foreign Gods. 1 Kings 11:1-13   Among Solomon’s sins, were adultery and idol worship.

Simon Peter’s sin was denying our Lord three times, out of worldly fear.  He knew firsthand of Jesus’ power and mercy, yet he gave in to fear.   Luke 22:54-62

It is not within us to be perfect, despite our best efforts.  We all stumble, like those listed above.  We all, however, like those listed above are provided second and third and fourth ….. chances to seek God’s forgiveness and accept His grace.   With the exception of Judas, all of the above accepted the Lord’s forgiveness and grace.

We need to learn to put aside pride and stop striving in our own strength.   Most importantly, if you have not accepted God’s gift of forgiveness, only through the blood of His Son, please do so.  Ephesians 1:7  There is no better time than the present.